Linaire is the songwriting project of Montreal-based composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Anna Atkinson. Uncluttered electronic beats and ethereal synths combine with incandescent strings and poetically lucid lyrics to produce music that is at once spacious and full. Like plastic antiques, the songs feel both timeless and contemporary in their exploration of presence, anxiety, curiosity, lineage and identity. Linaire's self-titled debut album launched in October 2020.

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In late 2017, I made some live demos of my new songs that would go on to form this project. Around the same time, I began collaborating with video artist Elysha Poirier. We developed a live performance called “The Inside, The Outside”, presenting shows in Toronto, Montreal and at the In The Soil Festival. We've decided to release an excerpt from that project - Elysha’s video to the sound of my earliest recording of “Worked That Way”. For best results, listen with headphones and watch in full screen. Sending goodness and light your way.


Album artwork by Elysha Poirier, 2020

Headshot by Rubert Clam, 2020