MAW: A Community Celebration of the Vocal Arts

TRANZAC Club Tiki Room, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON

I will be performing a song at this great community event. So many other incredible artists on the bill.

// MAW Vocal Arts Community Tranzac Tiki Room $10/PWYC Doors at 8pm, show at 8:30pm, done by 11pm The venue is fully accessible!

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MAW: A Community Celebration of the Vocal Arts is an immersive experience of voice in all its permutations. Often blurring the roles of audience and performer, MAW brings an array of vocalists together who might otherwise never see themselves as a community: storytellers, sound healers, choirs, and beat-boxers have graced our stage amongst sound poets, vocal improvisers, singer-songwriters, and more. We welcome all forms of diversity, and invite unique vocalizers to make our stage their home.

On January 27th, 2020, we will experience personal storytelling, country singing, folk ballads, dramatic performance, auctioneering, breathing music, and more!

FEATURING: Rebecca Bruton + Heaby Medal + Catherine Crowe + Laurel McDonald + Anna Atkinson + Martin Julien + Shaina Asambong + Ophira Calof!

Come lend your voice and your whole listening body to this truly unique gathering of the vocal arts and the people who live them.

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